Tag images. Transcribe audio. Moderate content. We have many interesting tasks for you to do! English fluency is the only requirement.

What is Remotask?

Remotasks(ScaleAPI) operated by Scale Labs Inc. is a micro jobs website and a great alternative to Microworkers, Mturk, and Picoworkers, etc. Almost all micro-jobs websites work on the same principle – They provide a platform for employers and workers where employers post tasks and workers complete those tasks to get paid. Remotasks is one such platform that provides various tasks such as moderating content, transcribing audios, image tagging, annotation jobs, etc any worker can complete and get paid. Remotasks is new but reliable and professional.

Signing up – You must have a Facebook account in order to complete registration on Remotasks. Go to Sign up.

Taking Exams -Once you have completed registration, click on ‘Exams’ in the dashboard. There are tons of exams you can complete and make yourself eligible for tasks in wide categories. Some exams that unlock high-paying tasks are video box annotation, polygon attributes, segment annotation, and image recognition-cuboids exams. The more exams you pass, the more tasks you will see in the dashboard.

Completing Tasks – When you successfully pass an exam in a specific category, you unlock tasks in that category. Click on a task, follow instructions, and complete. Never attempt a task you can not complete because accuracy is crucial on this platform and you might get disabled on a category if you consistently make mistakes.

Getting Paid – Luckily you don’t have to care about payment. If your Paypal email is there in the payment setting, you will keep getting payment automatically. You don’t need to apply for withdrawal manually. Payments are made every week.

Is Remotasks Legitimate or Just Another Scam?

Remotasks is undoubtedly a genuine website. Some of their clients include Uber, Google Alphabet, Procter, and Gusto. They have a lot of good clients and investors, they offer a wide variety of sensible tasks that need human intervention and get paid from their clients. Taskers like us complete the tasks and it really helps companies. It all makes sense. Apart from the sustainable business model, I have never heard a single complaint regarding payout. It’s a serious business. And this is one reason why Remotasks takes accuracy and quality very seriously and taskers have to go through various tests and tutorials before they can attempt real tasks.

How to Make money on Remotasks?

Unlike other micro jobs websites like micro-workers and mturk, Remotasks offers completely different types of tasks. Depending upon exams/tutorials you have passed, you will have the following kind of tasks in your Remotasks dashboard:

Categorization – For an example, categorising different websites according to what service they offer such as Bookkeeping, Personal Service, Property dealers etc.  Or categorizing different objects such as Shirts, Jackets etc Or Moderating content

Image Annotation – These tasks include drawing a line around an object in an image. Most of the time they ask to draw lines around vehicles on the road. Or Image Tagging

Image/Audio Transcription – It involves typing what is written in the image or what the person in audio saying.

Comparison – Comparing different objects shown in the image. This vs That selection jobs.

Data Collection – Browsing web and collecting different  information.

If you never want to run out of tasks, try to complete more and more exams/tutorials in different categories.

This depends upon a lot of factors. Payout of a task depends upon the difficulty level of the task. If you work fast with high quality, you can make $1.5 per hour. Tasks with little errors get a partial payout and no money will be paid for incorrect submissions. People with average skills make $30-$50 per month working a few hours per week. One who can pass a lot of exams will have a lot of tasks to do might make more money. Lidar, Segmentation, Reviews, Cuboid tasks are generally high-paying tasks.

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