These are fundraising activities that contribute to the maintenance and existence of MUYOG.

ICT Training

We are creating change agents­­­—we train and equip young people of Marurui with the technological and entrepreneurial skills and networking opportunities needed to create jobs for themselves, be qualified for the job market and create change in their communities.

Feeding Program

This is in line with the SDG two which states Zero Hunger. We feed kids to enable them be strong and stayed focused in school to learn for a brighter future, which will secure a better world tomorrow.

Garbage Collection

This is in keeping with the Sustainable Developmental Goal #3, good health and well-being of the people of Marurui. An opportunity of providing and promoting good health care services for the young people of Marurui as well as keep a clean and healthy environs.

Vocational Education Training


Vocational Education Training Program (VET) is designed to empower and encourage entrepreneurship among young men, women and children in secondary school to university level and tertiary institutions in Kenya as a way of promoting innovation and fighting extreme poverty in our communities.